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3 Questions to Ask Before Making A Correction

Nov 08, 2023

As a leader, finding the balance between maintaining high standards and fostering a positive and supportive environment can be tricky. Here are four critical questions to consider before you step in to correct your team.

1. Is Everything Okay?

Before you dive in to address what seems like a problem, take a moment to ask if everything is okay. People's lives are far more complex than what is presented in a professional context. Any visible shift in behavior or performance could be a symptom of larger, unseen issues. While it's essential to address infractions, doing so blindly may not consider the individual's personal circumstances. Be mindful and show concern for the person's wellbeing.

2. Were My Instructions As Clear As You Needed Them To Be?

Imagine being in a masquerade ball where everyone changes masks every five minutes. It would be confusing, wouldn't it? That's how it feels when expectations don't align with instructions. Before jumping to conclusions about someone's performance, consider whether your instructions were as clear as they needed to be. Miscommunication can often lead to misunderstandings and mistakes.

3. Are You Happy With Your Performance?

This question serves two purposes: provides an opportunity for self-correction and checks alignment. Often, when standards aren't met, your teammates are already aware of it. However, understanding their perspective on the standard is crucial. Maybe they have a different attitude toward the standard, or perhaps they are struggling with something you are not aware of. Asking this question can offer valuable insights.

Bonus Question: What Do You Need From Me?

Creating a safe and supportive environment for your team is vital. Asking what you can do to support your team's success can foster psychological safety. Your teammates should feel comfortable asking for help and know that you encourage it. This question can open up channels of communication and help build trust within the team.

Remember, being a leader is not just about ensuring tasks are done. It's about guiding your team, creating a supportive environment, and encouraging growth. So, before you rush in to correct, pause and ask these questions. It could make all the difference.

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